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Mehboob Hijama Centre is a health centre, the first of its kind in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Here, Islamic tradition as well as technology are combined to offer the best health services according to the Quran, Prophetic and modern medicine. Our state of the art health facility offers Hijama,Our team of qualified staff is led by Hakeem Adil who has qualified from National Council for Tibb (NTC). He has been practicing Hijama for more than 9 years.

Mehboob Hijama Centre

Treatments We Offer

Our Hijama Experts have been trained and certified in cupping techniques that are both safe and effective.

Female Fertility Issues
Men's Sexual Problems
Muscular Pain
Female Menstrual Cycle
Hepatitis Treatment
Migraine Treatment
Instant Pain Relief
Sciatica Pain
Ayurvedic Treatment For Sex

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Certified Hijama Experts

Our Certified Hijama Experts

Our Hijama Experts
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what we provide for your health By Mehboob Hijama Centre

Qualified Hijama Experts

Our Certified Hijama experts use cupping therapy for circulation and holistic well-being.

No consultancy fee

At Mehboob Hijama Centre Pakistan no consultation fee and also provide free checkup regarding Hijama.

Quality Assurance

We Use Certified & Quality Cupping Apparatus For All Cupping & Hijama Treatments.

hygienic Clinic

At Mehboob Hijama Centre we ensures clean, sterile environments for optimal health care services.


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What happens after Hijama?

After Hijama therapy, the patient feels comfortable and relaxed throughout the body due to the increased blood flow and oxygen to the cupping sites, and the body gets rid of the toxins accumulated inside it. The patient will feel an improvement in the digestive system because the blood flowing to the abdominal area promotes contractions that treat indigestion and constipation.

What food to avoid after Hijama?

After Hijama cupping, it is recommended to fast or be satisfied with fat-free snacks for two to three hours after the cupping session, in addition to avoiding eating red meat or dairy products, milk, and soft drinks for 48 hours, and you should also stay away from drinks that contain caffeine and sugars for 6 hours because it reduces the efficiency of Hijama therapy.

What are the benefits of Hijama for men?

The most prominent benefits of Hijama for men are: Enhancing sexual ability and increasing fertility. Detoxification of the body, especially for a smoker. Highlighting the muscle mass of men. Promoting digestive health. Boosting immune system health. Prostate cancer prevention.

What are the benefits of Hijama for women?

Treatment of rheumatism in women. Treating numbness of the hands and feet. Neck and shoulder pain treatment. Treatment of joint pain. Getting rid of lethargy and laziness. Getting rid of sleep disorders. Treating high blood pressure. Treatment of gout and sciatica. Boosting the immune system. Expulsion of toxins from the body. Stimulating and revitalizing the pituitary glands.

What blood comes out in Hijama?

Black or blue blood coming out indicates the presence of infections in the treated area for a long time, and the body did not get rid of them. As for the pale white blood, it indicates that the treated organ is not performing its function properly, and Hijama helps it to restore its function. As for the light red blood, it indicates the presence of a recent injury in the area, and Hijama helps in its healing.

Is Hijama therapy painful?

This procedure is accompanied by a slight pain in the cupping sites resulting from the superficial stripping of the skin because of the suction cups, which causes the appearance of bruises, but they disappear after about 5 days.


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